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EB-2 India retrogresses to February 2005

October 10, 2014

November 2014 Visa Bulletin pulls EB-2 India priority dates back to February 2005. Moving backwards to well over four years, the November bulletin is certain to cause an immense amount of frustration to a lot of Indian nationals hoping to receive their permanent resident cards soon.  This is especially true for those individuals that received RFEs for medicals among other things who completed the medicals and submitted RFE responses with completed medicals.  This is because medical examination/report expires 12 months from the date of report and so if the priority dates do not move forward, people that completed the medicals (again) recently in response to an RFE will need to revisit their USCIS designated physicians again if the priority date becomes current AFTER one year.  Going by the roller coaster ride of ups and downs in terms of how the priority dates are moving, it leaves vast amount of room for predictions, interpretations, and guesswork.

Lastly, even for people whose priority dates will suddenly become backlogged in November, in as much as this retrogression news causes heartburn, if you received an RFE for medicals, do complete the same and respond to the RFE in a timely manner.  Please address all issues raised in the RFE and respond in a timely manner failing which the adjustment application will likely be denied.  It is my sincere hope that the visa numbers will move forward quickly in the months to come.

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