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PERM Fiscal Year 2012 Statistics

September 28, 2012

Please click on the link below for the file containing statistics.  A few observations:

–Computer/math occupations accounted for 54% of all PERM filings in FY2012.  Information Technology industry itself accounted for 44% of all PERM filings.

–California, New York, New Jersey, and Texas accounted for precisely 50% all PERM filings in the U.S. in FY2012.

–82% of the PERM beneficiaries were in H-1B visa status.

–India accounted for 56% of all PERM filings in FY2012.

–EB-2 cases were 52% of all filings.

–PERM denial rate was just over 15%

–Withdrawn cases accounted for little over 6%

–Audits at 45%; supervised recruitment at 4%, and appeals (from denials) at 3%

PERM Statistics FY2012

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