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Movement of EB-1 and EB-2 Visa Numbers

May 14, 2012

American Immigration Lawyers Association received information from U.S. Department of State that EB-2 numbers which became unavailable for India and China in the month of June (2012) will become available beginning October 2012.

EB-1: Dept. of State also confirmed that based on the current rate of demand, it may be necessary to establish a cut-off date at the end of the fiscal year (around Sept. 2012) in an effort to limit number use within the annual numerical limit.

EB-1 has been current for many years.  If a cut-off date is established for the EB-1 category as the Dept of State predicts/confirms, then it is perhaps prudent for eligible applicants to file I-485 adjustment applications at the earliest given that it is unknown what the cut-off date is going to be end of this fiscal year.

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