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Article Highlights the Increasing Reverse Immigration Trends

June 10, 2011

Given the years of backlog in priority dates with regard to immigrant visa numbers, there is an increase in reverse immigration trend.  In an article published by Ms. Michele Waslin on immigrationimpact.com (http://bit.ly/jqbxWh), highly skilled professionals and immigrant entrepreneurs are leaving the United States to return to their home countries in China or India.  The article refers to a report by Kauffman Foundation titled The Grass is Indeed Greener in India and China for Returnee Entrepreneurs.

Unless the U.S. Administration acts to fix the immigration mess pertaining to the massive backlog in immigrant visa numbers, it will see an increasing number of highly talented professionals leave its borders, thereby resulting in not only crippling the economy further and lack of job creation by these immigrant entrepreneurs, but also potentially losing billions of dollars in income generation within its borders, not to mention the technological innovation taking place elsewhere in the world.  Of course, the immigration restrictionists will argue that the opposite is true but we know that their argument is not based on genuine facts.

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