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U.S. Immigration Policies Hurting Companies and People

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Between the ridiculous RFEs asking, among other things, zonal and fire dept. permits for IT consulting companies, work orders for three years, 221g’s at the consulates and the so-called “administrative processing” of cases for several months at consular posts in India, the apparent CBP excesses at the ports of entry (for example Newark), the apparent revision of H-1B forms requiring employee attestations, the Administrative Site Visit and Verification Program (ASVVP) aka anti-fraud visits, the Verification Initiative for Business Enterprises (VIBE) background  checks, and now the Neufeld guidance on H-1B adjudications, the USCIS is, in essence exterminating businesses dependent on H-1B visas.

The worst effected are small to mid-size companies in the U.S.  From an employer standpoint, after clearing all the above hurdles, there is no guarantee that an employee will make it beyond the airport.   And for those H-1B workers who are already in the U.S. with their families, if an H-1B extension is denied for some absurd reason, that pretty much leaves them with no option but to leave the U.S., inspite of the fact that there may be children in the middle of a school year, a pregnant spouse, or a treatment-undergoing child for some ailment.  If anybody at the USCIS is listening – THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE, REAL LIVES.  DON’T TREAT THEM AS JUST FILES!

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